230 Kurds arrested following demonstrations in support of Kobane

According to Kurdistan Press Agency, 230 Kurds have been arrested in various cities in Iranian Kurdistan for having taken part in demonstrations in support of the Kurdish people’s resistance in Kobane, Syrian Kurdistan. In the latest wave of arrests, 35 Kurds were arrested following a peaceful demonstration in the Kurdish city of Sna (Sanandaj).

Initially, the Iranian regime encouraged the Kurdish people in Iranian Kurdistan to demonstrate in support of Kobane. Analysts believe that by encouraging demonstrations in support of Kobane, the Iranian regime seeks to achieve three goals.

First, the Iranian regime wants to divert attention from its own oppression of the Kurdish nation in Iranian Kurdistan. Second, the Iranian regime wants to signal to the international community that while there is a Kurdish issue in Syria, Iraq and Turkey, in Iran there is no Kurdish issue and that Iran – unlike its neighbors – is a stable country. Third, the Iranian regime is keen to be perceived as a friend of Kurds in other parts of Kurdistan in order to prevent them from supporting the Kurdish people’s quest for liberty and national rights in Iranian Kurdistan.

Being mindful of the Iranian regime’s calculated policies and the fact that there are no opportunities for peaceful demonstrations in Iran, Kurdish activists have capitalized on the regime’s encouragement of demonstrations in support of Kobane. Aside from expressing solidarity with their Kurdish sisters and brothers in Kobane, activists and demonstrators have also turned the demonstrations into public outcries against the Iranian regime’s oppression of the Kurdish people.

When Kurdish demonstrators gathered in downtown Sena on Saturday this weekend to express their support for Kobane, activists and demonstrators also started chanting slogans against the Iranian regime. Since then, 35 demonstrators have been arrested.

According to Kurdish sources, the Kurds civilians have been transferred to prison following interrogation by the Iranian intelligence agency’s branch in Sena.