Ahmedi: “World Powers Made Too Many Concessions to Islamist Regime in Iran”

In a statement regarding the nuclear deal between world powers and Iran, Loghman H. Ahmedi, PDKI’s head of foreign relations, said: “Among the flaws of this deal is the concessions on issues not related to the nuclear program, such as lifting conventional arms embargo on the Islamist regime and lifting sanctions on Quds Force commander Qassem Suleimani.”

“The numerous concessions made to the Islamic Republic of Iran will strengthen the Islamist regime and make it even more aggressive domestically and regionally,” Ahmedi added.

Ahmedi further stated: “PDKI favors solving all conflicts and outstanding issues peacefully and through dialog. But it is naïve to expect that this deal can succeed by disentangling the Islamist regime’s nuclear program from its aggressive actions in the region and its brutal repression of all forms of dissent at home.”

“Sanctions relief will make it possible for the regime to create even more instability and conflict in the region. Trade and investment will allow Iran to pursue domination of the Middle East more aggressively, which in turn will be met with resistance from other regional powers and create more instability,” Ahmedi underlined.

“History shows that whenever the international community engages the Islamic Republic, the regime increases its repression against all forms of dissent, and Kurds are especially targeted,” he further stated.

Regarding the implications of this accord for PDKI’s struggle against the Islamic regime in Iran, Ahmedi said: “We were persistent in our struggle for the attainment of the Kurdish nation’s rights when Iran was a key ally of the United States and other western countries during the rule of the Shah; naturally, we will continue our struggle more vigorously against the Islamic Republic until we achieve our goals.”