Breaking News: More than 100 Kurds Arrested in Tehran

Iranian security forces in Tehran arrested more than 100 Yarsani activists today. The Yarsan or Ahl-e Haqq (People of Truth) faith dates back to the 14th century in Iranian Kurdistan and is estimated to have 2 million followers. Its followers are subject to systematic discrimination and oppression by the Iranian state.

The activists were heading to the Iranian Parliament (Majlis) to protest against systematic discrimination and oppression when Iranian security forces arrested them.

They were thus prevented from even reaching the area where the Parliament buildings are located. The activists had planned to assemble in front of the Parliament of the Islamic Republic and engage in a peaceful demonstration.

As of this moment, only the names of 26 of the arrested activists are known. These are as follows:

1) Fareed Sulaimany
2) Humaira Taheri
3) Massoud Almassi
4) Amin Abassi
5) Faraidoon Siwassi
6) Afshar Khaleqi
7) Arman Alion
8) Hamdullah Mahmoudi
9) Quderat Taheri
10) Ruhallah Taheri
11) Khalil Qazweena
12) Saeed Amir Bibak
13) Kheirullah Haqjuyan
14) Fareed Taheri
15) Noshad taheri
16) Mehrab Israfeeli
17) Ibrahim Buzlah
18) Farsheed Nadeemi
19) Dawood Azizi
20) Saeed Awsan Afzalee
21) Ahsan Naderi
22) Yahman Saburee
23) Dawood Azizi
24) Saieed Mehrdad Mashashee
25) Behzad Taherian
26) Abass Faqiree

Ruhallah Taheri and Quderat Taheri, two of the activists, are the brothers of Nimkard Taheri, who ended his life through self-emollition in March to protest government officials’ insult against followers of the Yarsan.

Iranian polis and security forces routinely and forcibly shave the mustache of male followers of Yarsan. These insults are carried out in public. Growing Mustache is part of the religious identity of male followers of the faith.

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Witness statement by one of the Yarsani activists (Audio in Kurdish):