Clashes between PDKI’s Peshmerga Forces and Iranian Military in Mariwan Enters Its Third Day

Since June 25, PDKI’s Peshmerga Forces have repeatedly clashed with Iran’s terrorist Islamic Revolutionary Guards outside Mariwan in eastern (Iranian) Kurdistan. The Peshmergas have managed to break through the enemy lines several times. They have now retreated to the mountainous region of Sawlawa and are bravely fighting back multiple Iranian forces. The Iranian military is using artillery and helicopters in enforcing a military siege of Sawlawa.

PDKI’s Peshmerga platoon came under heavy attack on June 25 in the village of Dorow in the Sawlawa region of Mariwan. Following a heroic battle that lasted for two hours, and in which a number of Iranian soldiers were killed, the Peshmergas managed to break through the enemy lines. Unfortunately, Shoresh Minbari and Shaxawan Minbari, two brave Peshmergas, were martyred in the clashes in Dorow.

Later in the day on June 25, the Peshmerga Forces were ambushed for a second time in the mountains of Kosalan in the Mariwan region. The Peshmergas managed to break through the enemy lines this time as well. While the Peshmergas did not suffer any casualties, a number of Iranian soldiers were killed.

The clashes erupted again early in the morning on June 26. The clashes have continued ever since. Scores of Iranian soldiers have been killed in the clashes. The bodies of 8 members of the IRGC are in the hands of PDKI’s Peshmergas. Unfortunately, a third Peshmerga, Akbar Minbari, was martyred on June 26.

Since the clashes began on June 25, the Iranian military has been shelling Sawlawa and Kosalan. Iranian shelling has destroyed villages. Forests and hillsides have been set on fire as a result of heavy Iranian shelling.

More than 20 Iranians soldiers have been killed in the clashes in the Mariwan region during recent days.

The Iranian regime has sent civilians from nearby villages and asked the Peshmergas to turn over the dead bodies of 8 Islamic Revolutionary Guard soldiers to the villagers. The Peshmergas asked, in return, for the dead bodies of the two Peshmergas who unfortunately are in the hands of the enemy. Iran rejected their demand and new clashes erupted.