Family members of Kurdish activists under pressure by Iranian authorities

A frequent method that Iranian authorities, especially the intelligence agency Ettelaat, resorts to in preventing Kurds from organizing themselves is to target family members of Kurdish activists. In two recent cases, Ettelaat has harassed family members of Kurdish activists Sirwan Amini and Mohammad Gharib.

Sirwan Amini and his spouse were arrested two years ago. They were imprisoned for having aided a Kurdish political party. Following their release from prison, the couple fled to Turkey.

Ettelaat has recently harassed Sirwan’s family, who live in the Kurdish city of Bokan, with the aim to compel them to pressure him to return to Iranian Kurdistan.

Mohammad Gharib is a prominent Kurdish environmental activists who, after being released from prison, fled abroad.

Ettelaat has made sure that a sister and a brother of Mohammad Gharib were suspended by their university.

During the 1990s, the Iranian regime assassinated Kurdish political activists who had fled Iranian Kurdistan. A global assassination campaign by Iran against Kurdish activists, especially members of PDKI, resulted in the killing of hundreds of Kurds.

Many members of PDKI were assassinated in Turkey during the 1990s.

Manouchehr Mottaki, former Iranian foreign minister, who was Iran’s ambassador in Turkey at the time was personally taking part in these assassinations under the cover of diplomatic immunity.