Four Kurds arrested in Paveh by Iran’s intelligence agency

According to Kurdistan Press agency, four Kurds in the city of Paveh have been arrested by Iran’s intelligence agency. They arrested men have been accused of collaborating with Kurdish opposition groups, a charge that could result in long prison sentences or even execution in the Islamic Republic of Iran.

In the latest wave of arrests of Kurds in eastern (Iranian) Kurdistan by Iran’s intelligence agency, Etelaat, four men have been arrested in city of Paveh.

On September 24, three young men were arrested by Etelaat on charges of having collaborated with a Kurdish opposition group. Thus far, only the names of two of the men are known. Koresh Waladbagi and Abod Waladbagi were arrested along with a third individual, whose name is not yet known.

On the same date, Etelaat arrested a young Kurdish man from Baingan, a suburb to Paveh. His identity or whereabouts is not yet known. He too has been charged with collaborating with a Kurdish opposition party.

During the recent month, eastern Kurdistan has witnessed a resurgence of armed operations against Iranian forces.

Thus far, it is estimated that at least 40 members of Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC) have been killed in these operations.

Etelaat arrests Kurdish activists and even ordinary people routinely. It is not clear whether the latest wave of arrests is related to these military operations against Iranian forces in Kurdistan.