Iran Executed Kurdish Political Prisoner Mansur Arvand

Kurdish political prisoner Mansur Arvand was executed on Sunday, June 14, in Miandoab’s central Prison.

Early on Sunday morning Mansur Arvand was transferred from Mahabad’s central prison to Miandoab, were his execution was carried out.

A family member of the Kurdish political prisoner has confirmed Arvand’s execution.

Mansur Arvand was arrested in June 2011 in his home. In September 2012, the Islamic Revolutionary Court in Mahabad sentenced him to death. Arvad was sentenced to death on charges of ‘Enmity against God’ and membership in a Kurdish opposition party.

In February 2015 six other Kurdish activists by the names of Saman Nesim, Yones Aqaian, Habibollah Ashrafi, Ali Afshari, Sirwan Njaoi and Ibrahim Shapori were executed in Urmye