Iran increases its military presence, security official shot in Saqez

Following the PDKI Peshmerga forces deployment to the border region between southern (Iraqi) and eastern (Iranian) Kurdistan Iran has increased it military presence in Kurdistan and begun digging trenches in Haji Omran and deployed a large number of Islamic revolutionary guard soldiers in different Kurdish cities and on the border.

Moreover, several revolutionary guard soldiers have been injured and killed in different cities in Kurdistan.

On Tuesday an Iranian security official was shot in the Kurdish city of Saqez. The Iranian security official was shot when he was harassing residents of a neighbourhood in Saqez. The Iranian official is know to have been involved in torturing and killing Kurdish activists. The Iranian security official was severely injured and taken to a hospital in Saqez.

Iranian revolutionary guard base in Shno

Iranian revolutionary guard base on the border between eastern and southern Kurdistan

Iran building trenches in Haji Omran, on the border between southern and eastern Kurdistan.