Kurdish political prisoner Sabir Moane executed by Iran

Kurdish political prisoner Sabir Moklid Moane, one of several prisoners previously on hunger strike in the prison of Urmia (also spelled Orumiyeh) in Iranian Kurdistan, was executed by the Iranian regime earlier today, January 6, 2015.

Mr. Moane was arrested two years ago by Iranian security forces for alleged membership in a Kurdish political party. He was later sentenced to death by an Islamic revolutionary court on charges of “enmity against God” (Mohareb).

During November and December the previous year, Mr. Moane had joined other Kurdish political prisoners in a hunger strike in the prison of Urmia. They demanded that the Iranian regime reverses its policy of deliberately mixing criminals with political prisoners.

Aside from systematic torture and other forms cruel and inhumane treatment of political prisoners, the Islamic Republic of Iran pursues a policy of deliberately mixing dangerous criminals with Kurdish political prisoners.

Being forced to share prison cells with criminals is greatly humiliating for individuals who have struggled for Kurdish national rights, liberty and democracy. Routinely, the criminal inmates verbally and physically attack Kurdish political prisoners.

Analysts believe that the criminals are encouraged to engage in these actions by the Iranian authorities.

The aim is to inflict psychological harm on the Kurdish prisoners in an effort to break their determination in resisting the Islamic Republic of Iran.

There are hundreds of Kurdish political prisoners in Iran. More than twenty of them are currently on death row.