PDKI Statement on Clashes in Shno (Oshnaviah)

The Operational Command of PDKI’s Peshmerga Forces released a statement on the clashes in Shno (Oshnaviah) on June 15.

A group of political cadres who were accompanied by a Peshmerga platoon went to the villages of Sergiz and Qereseqe. Our cadres and Peshmergas came under fire by forces of the Iranian regime. The ensuing battle in this village lasted for 10 hours and continued in several other places of the region until around 23:00 on June 16.

In the battle in Qereseqe and Sergiz, a large number of commanders and soldiers of the enemy were killed and injured. Some of our Peshmergas, who fought bravely against the forces of the Islamist regime, were unfortunately martyred.

The Iranian forces also shelled the villages of Sergiz and Qereseqe in the most brutal way, causing civilian deaths and destruction of property.

We hereby announce that in spite of some of our Peshmergas being martyred, our political cadres and Peshmerga forces will continue to carry out their missions in Shno and all other regions of eastern Kurdistan. The Operational Command will release the names of our martyred Peshmergas in due course.

We acknowledge our respect and indebtedness to the people of Shno and surrounding regions for always supporting the Peshmerga Forces of PDKI.

Operational Command of PDKI’s Peshmerga Forces
June 17, 2016