10847 (2)On Tuesday Iranian revolutionary guard soldiers killed a Kurdish man by the name of Ismail Sherefi in the town of Rabat in Iranian Kurdistan.

According to the news agency Sherefi, who was from the village of Nistan, sat in his car to drive to the town of Sardasht and was stopped by revolutionary guard soldiers and shot to death. The shooting occurred around 5:30 in the morning on Tuesday.

The revolutionary guards arrested several residents of Rabat, Nistan and Sardasht who visited the location of the shooting. The names of the arrested individuals are: Qader Khzerzadeh, Ali Qalei, Mohammed Habibi, Sherzad Mostafazadeh, Ibrahim Husseinzadeh, Abobekr Mohemmedi, Ako Nazi and Ibrahim Sherefi.

Kurdistan Press Agency also reports that a clash erupted between residents of the village of Nistan and revolutionary guards after that the residents protested the killing. A couple of days before the shooting the residents of Nistan clashed with revolutionary guard soldiers after that the guards attacked the village and started looting several of the residents homes.