Several members of IRGC killed or injured outside Rabat

After that PDKI deployed its Peshmerga Forces to the border between southern (Iraqi) and eastern (Iranian) Kurdistan several members of Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC) have been killed or injured in different cities and towns in Kurdistan.

On Monday, 1 June, at least seven members of IRGC were injured or killed in a clash between the villages of Shmole and Shendre, located 15 kilometres outside the Kurdish town of Rabat.

Kurdistan Press Agency reports that witnesses in the region stated that a heavy clash erupted yesterday between IRGC members and what they believed were Peshmergas.

Hospital staff in the Kurdish town of Sardasht stated to the press agency that at least 5 injured members of the IRGC were brought in to their hospital in Sardasht yesterday night.

According to witnesses the IRGC members were severely injured. Two of the injured IRGC members names are Ehsan and Reza. Two other members of IRGC were reportedly killed in the clash.