Statement by PDKI on Sahraroodi Participating in the IPU

On October 7, 2013, a delegation from the Iranian parliament arrived in Geneva to participate in the Inter-Parliamentary Union (IPU) in Geneva. We learned later that one of the members of this delegation is Mohammad Jafari Sahraroodi. This man, together with at least two other assassins of the Iranian regime, posing as diplomats, took part in the assassination of Kurdish leader Dr. A. R. Ghassemlou and his aides in Vienna on July 13, 1989.

The Foreign Relations Committee of PDKI tasked its representatives in Austria and Switzerland, respectively, to investigate this matter and found, indeed, that Sahraroodi is part of the Iranian delegation to the IPU.

Shorty after the assassination of Dr. Ghassemlou and his aides, the Chief Prosecutor of Vienna issued an international arrest warrant for Sahraroodi and the other terrorists.

Invoking this international arrest warrant, which is still valid, the representatives of PDKI in Switzerland and Austria have called for his arrest and, subsequently, to be handed over to Austrian authorities. We have also appealed to MP’s in other European countries to put pressure on the governments of Switzerland and Austria to have Sahraroodi arrested.

Thus far, the governments of Switzerland and Austria have not taken any action on this matter. Given the experience we have had in the past, we therefore decided to release this statement in order to put pressure on the governments of Austria and Switzerland to uphold the law rather than allow economic and political interests to decide in this case.

We have mobilized all our recourses in pursuit of justice. At the same time, we call upon the members of the European Union to put pressure on the Swiss government to uphold the law and arrest Sahraroodi and turn him over to Austrian authorities.

Democratic Party of Iranian Kurdistan
Foreign Relations Committee

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