Yearly Human Rights Report: 956 Kurds Imprisoned and 206 were Killed or Injured by Iran

According to data gathered by the PDKI, at least 956 Kurds have been arrested by Iranian authorities during the past year (which, according to the Kurdish calendar, is between 21 March 2014 to 21 March 2015). 206 Kurds have been either killed or injured by Iranian security forces or by landmines during the same period.

Of the 956 Kurds that have been arrested, 415 of them have not yet been convicted or released. 386 individuals were released after being interrogated and 79 were handed prison sentences.

During the past year, 74 Kurds were shot by Iranian security forces in different cities and towns. 79 Kurds were shot on the border with southern Kurdistan (Iraq) and north Kurdistan (Turkey) and 63 Kurds were victims of landmines.

Of the 79 Kurds that were shot on the border, 37 died and 42 were severely injured.

Out of the 74 Kurds that were shot by Iranian security forces in the different cities and towns of eastern Kurdistan (Iran), 20 died and 44 were injured.

Out of the 63 victims of landmines, 22 died and 41 were injured.